This is the home of Intergalactic Enterprises. Nothing here is for sale and the links work, I hope.
To put it another way, Intergalactic Enterprises does nothing, but tries to do it well.
I am Wastrel, and this site is in part things that I have written.
There is an alternate connection using the command `ssh gameplayer@iWastrel.com` for playing games on your terminal. There you can play a version of Space Invaders or Pacman, test your knowledge of Shakespeare, US capitals or famous murderers, or play the best Hangman game on the internet, which selects at random from a list of more than 190,000 English words.
The password for gameplayer is "playgames".
If you don't know about ssh: this is a command on your linux or Mac terminal. If you use Windows, then use the Putty application.
Gripes, comments, flames, questions, suggestions etc. may be submitted by selecting the comment item on the gameplayer menu.


"Stories" includes not only serious fiction but true stories, jokes and utter nonsense. There may be references to H. P. Lovecraft.

Wastrel News Network

Articles from the Wastrel News Network and lesser news sources, such as CNN and Fox.


Usually serious. Includes criticism of bad media and artistic failures.

Useful Scripts

Some things that might be useful. Recipes.

Wastrel Speaks

Selected questions and comments and the replies to them.